KG Agraprodukt Handelsgesellschaft mbH & Co.
KG Agraprodukt Handelsgesellschaft mbH & Co.

Having more than 45 years of experience in trading eggs and eggproducts we are your "Eggspert" for:


  • fresh eggs for consumption
  • fresh eggs for industrial processing
  • boiled and coloured eggs
  • liquid egg white
  • liquid egg yolk
  • liquid whole egg
  • spray dried egg white powder
  • spray dried egg yolk powder
  • spray dried whole egg powder


All our eggs offered to you come from established rearing systems and can be approved accordingly upon agreement, such as:


  • Enriched cages
  • Barn systems
  • Freerange systems
  • Organic systems


KG Agraprodukt Handeslgesellschaft mbH & Co.

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20354 Hamburg



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