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We can offer you eggs from permitted cage production, barn eggs, free-range eggs as well as eggs from organic production systems, as raw materials or as graded eggs. Our  membership in KAT (Verein für kontrollierte alternative Tierhaltungsformen e.V.) and our organic-certification ensures the best quality by means of regular checks on our suppliers.

Apart from consumer goods, we are also able to offer you eggs for industry from all forms of rearing for your processing operations.

Liquid products

According to your requirements, we can offer you wholeegg, eggyolk and eggwhite from all forms of rearing, in tank trucks, small tanks, bag-in-box, with salt, with sugar, pasteurised, unpasteurised or even frozen. 

Dried egg products

Aside from goods in shells and liquid products, we also have dried egg products on offer. We would be happy to supply you with wholeegg powder, eggyolk powder and eggwhite powder as standard products, with improved whippability or gel strength.  In cooperation with our suppliers, we can even provide you with special products from the co-drying segment.


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